Not Boring Activities for a 6-8 Month Old


7/13/20233 min read

Listen, I love my baby. But he is boring. He can’t really move well. He’s not talking. So I am always looking for things to do with him. I feel like I should always be entertaining him! I'm supposed to be building his brain, right? But I am always fresh out of ideas.
Every age has been interesting but so far, I like this age the best. We're starting to show our personality and curiosity is everything. Although, I can’t wait for him to start moving and talking. Here are some activities I’ve found that make me feel like I’m entertaining and enriching his brain.

  1. Bouncer, Activity Table- These are so great. You can put toys on them for them to play with in addition to all the fun things already on the table! Every day it’s like they find something new to touch or move around. Ravi will sit in his for an hour sometimes.

  1. Walks- Walks are so important for both mommy (mental health) and baby. We had Ravi in October so we didn’t get out of the house much for those first few months. Now, I try to take him every other day for some fresh air. Lately, we’ve been going to the park and using the swings. Game changer. The smiles and laughs that come out of him are worth the trek to the park.

  1. Outside Blanket Toy Sesh- We are not outdoor people. We (Roland and myself) are indoor people. So I try to make a point to take Ravi out into the backyard. We lay down a sheet and bring out a bunch of toys for him to play with. Yesterday, I came home and Ravi and Roland were just hanging out in the lounge chairs. It was so cute and I love getting him used to outside.

  1. Ms. Rachel- I don’t feel bad about screen time. I know you’re not supposed to expose your kid until they're like 18 months or something but Ms. Rachel is so special. She teaches them so many things and the repetition is good for his brain. We will put her on when he's in his bouncer, before bed.

  2. Playpen Time- We just got this playpen and it’s awesome. It is a safe way to play with toys with your baby. We take out balls, blocks, stuffies and just let him roll around in there.

  1. Leave the House- When I’m bored out of my mind and I’ve done all the things, I take Ravi places. I take him to Target, Kohls, Starbucks, and Joann Fabrics. He’s a great, easygoing baby and he usually ends up taking a nap. It’s a great way to kill time.

What are your favorite activities to do with your baby? I am ALWAYS looking for new entertainment ideas. Please, leave your favorites in the comments!



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