Manifesting Your Dream Life

My best advice.

7/21/20233 min read

I started meditating and practicing manifestation in 2012. My life was riddled with anxiety. I remember just waking up in the middle of the night from yet another nightmare and thinking, this is enough. I have to change. I have to get control of this. I started pinning on Pinterest and came across a spiritual teacher named Gabby Bernstein. I started listening to her talks (on ITunes at that time) and she suggested building an altar. I went to Marshalls and an antique store and bought some storage boxes, a small bulletin board, and some small trinkets that felt spiritual to me. When I got home to my North Buffalo apartment, I set everything up. I wrote affirmations on post it notes and placed them on the bulletin board. I tried to make it look and feel cozy and like somewhere I wanted to sit and meditate. I got a friend involved and we made a google doc where we would do Gabby's 40 Day Miracle Challenge where you meditate on a concept everyday. It changed our lives. I've never gotten back to that place of peace but I still keep those tools with me and consider it the foundation for how to live a life of content and happiness. Here are my best tips for manifestation and getting the life you really want...

  1. Listen to affirmation playlists- In fact, be conscious of everything you're taking in at all times. Any sounds or visions (TV). We don't realize how much this affects our general energies and the vibes we put out to others. Start to notice what you're consuming, including food and drink! I'm not great at that but you know, life's long and we're always improving.

  1. Be grateful- Be so grateful. Wake up every day and think of 5 things you're grateful for before you leave your bed. Make lists of all the blessings in your life. If you focus on the good, the good multiplies.

  1. Meditate- Meditating is a great coping skill. I've never felt more at peace in my life than when I was meditating everyday. I rarely meditate these days but I have an altar and I sit at it and pull tarot cards. I hope to get back to meditating someday.

  1. Create a sacred space- It doesn't haven't to be an altar, exactly, but a place that has magical items and cozy lighting and a place you want to sit down at and journal, meditate, and just hang out. A quiet space where your mind can be quiet.

  1. Assess your relationships- We become the people we hang out with. We become the things we're exposed to. We're all energy. If someone makes you feel bad, don't be around that person! That includes family. Friends and family should build you up and make you feel safe. We don't need people to make us better or check us or remind of us "the right way." We need people to love us and support us. Pour that all over a person and watch them bloom.

I'm going to start making manifestation candles for people to add to their altars or sacred spaces. My hope is that it brings you peace and reminds you of what you want your life to feel like. Try to concentrate on the feelings, not the specific things.