5 Tips for Dating Someone From Another Continent


7/7/20232 min read

  1. Check yourself. It's so easy to forget that we both grew up in completely different cultures because we both live here now and Roland has mostly assimilated to American culture. I try to remind myself every time I get frustrated with something he's doing that I would do differently.

  1. Learn about their culture. Ask questions. Watch documentaries. Talk to their relatives. Most of the time we can barely understand each other but the connection is important. Make an honest effort to connect to their life in another place.

  1. Take time to make food from their culture. One thing I learned very fast is that the way Roland eats is very different than the way I do. He grew up with food placed out at lunch and everyone just grazed throughout the day. Roland will leave plates of food out for hours at a time. I accept this about him even though all I can think about is bacteria....lol. Rice is a main staple of their diet so I learned how to make really good parboiled rice. I try to learn new recipes that I can cook for him that remind him of home a little.

  1. Celebrate your differences. It's really cool to bring two cultures together. That was something we and I discussed on one of our first dates. This world is large and it's really amazing to bring together two different worlds, especially when you have a child together.

  1. Support their choices around visiting. Roland made a big choice to go home to Liberia when I was nine months pregnant. I didn't think it was the best timing, but I knew it was for him and that it was really important that he go home and see his family. The trip ended up being really eye-opening for him and it honestly brought us closer together. Sometimes it's good to miss each other.



It can be challenging but the rewards are great. Bringing two cultures together is a beautiful thing.