A Day in the Life of Ravi

by Meghan

6/23/20232 min read

One of the best ways to start training your baby is by scheduling. Here's what the schedule of our 8-month old baby looks like. Ravi would love to share all the deets with you!

a baby is laying on a blanket with a baby's name on it
a baby is laying on a blanket with a baby's name on it

5:30-7:00- I wake up in my cute little crib and immediately start yelling for someone to come get me. I don't wanna be alone in there! Plus, my binky definitely fell out and I have no idea where it is....

Next, Mom comes to get me for snuggle time in her big bed. She changes my diaper, finds my binky and brings me into her bedroom. Then she makes me a bottle and puts Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the TV. When I'm done with my bottle, she gives me toys to play with but I mostly just want to play with the remotes on the bed or her hand.

7:00- Dad's home! He comes in bed and snuggles with us for awhile. Mom gets up and gets ready for work. I'm not a huge fan of this and usually throw a couple yells in because ummmm, don't leave me. After mom leaves, Dad and I play for awhile and he gives me another bottle around 9:00.

9:30-12- Nap time! It's a group activity because Dad works the night shift.

12- On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I get to go to my Grandma and Grandpa's house! We play Raffi songs and practice crawling and I try to touch their dogs. They always give me oatmeal because it's my favorite food. During the rest of the week, Dad and I chill. He watches TV and I bounce in my bouncer for hours. Then, I usually have another bottle and take another nap before Mom gets home.

3:30- Mom is home! We snuggle for a few minutes before she puts me in my high chair and gives me my first or second solid food of the day. I'm a big fan. I'm so good at eating. After that, Mom and Dad usually take me outside either for a walk or to hang out in the backyard and play with toys.

4:30- Bathtime! I take a bath every other day due to my eczema but I LOVE IT. I get to splash and make a huge mess and the water is so warm and afterwards, Daddy pats me down and lets me touch whatever I want becuase I'm suddenly a fuss budget on the changhing table.

5-6- Witching Hours baby! That means it's time for the bouncer and Ms. Rachel. My favorite lady in the whole world. She makes me smile so big. I love when she sings to me. After we finish watching, I have my last bottle and mom and dad take me upstairs to bed.

6- Lights out! I have glow in and dark stars on my ceiling and there's always music playing for me when I go to bed. I also always get fresh sheets and a new binky. I still wake up at least twice every night but mommy doesn't mind because she loves me so much and I usually go right back to sleep.

What does your little one's routine look like?


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