Must-Haves for Months 6-8

7/12/20234 min read

Months 6-8 are interesting because your baby is grabbing for things and sucking on things but not quite "playing" with anything. Food becomes more fun. They start to have preferences. It's been my favorite time, as a first-time mom, for sure. These are the products we use that have made life much easier for us!

  1. Summer-Pop 'N Jump Portable Baby Activity Center - Lightweight Baby Jumper with Toys and Canopy for Indoor and Outdoor Use- OMG. Game Changer. We tried the activity tables. We tried the door frame Jumparoo. Nothing compares to this. A friend gave it to me and I’ll be sure to pass it onto the next mom who needs it. Ravi will sit in this thing and bounce for hours. It’s our number one tool during the day. He’s either napping, eating, practicing crawling, or jumping in this bouncer. It’s worth every penny.

  1. Happy Baby Food Pouches- We’ve been giving him “solid” (blended mixes) foods since he was 5 months old. We normally would use the Gerber jar blends. He liked them for sure but he LOVES these. It’s fun to watch him learn how to use it as well. I still have to assist most of the time but he always finishes the full pouch. We haven't done much baby-led weaning yet because he’s not crawling so the Stage 2 food blends is where we are comfortable.

  1. Dr. Brown’s Formula Pitcher- A friend just recommended this too me and it has saved my countertops! I would spill so much formula powder trying to make every bottle from scratch. With this product, you can just make a large picther of formula to keep in the fridge and use whenever you need. We still use a bottle warmer sometimes but it’s also getting him used to colder temperature formula. Eventually, he will be drinking cold milk so he’s got to get used to it!

  1. Ms. Rachel- Here me out. She’s a godsend. If I put this magical lady on the TV, my son is enraptured. I can literally do whatever I want. I can do chores. I can work on a Cricut project. I can play on my phone. Sometimes, as a mom, you need a break! And she teaches them so much. Just the sound of her voice puts the biggest smile on my baby’s face. We had a door salesmen come and talk to us for AN HOUR about doors and Ravi never made a peep because he was in his bouncer with Ms. Rachel on. She is worth the hype and so much more.

  1. Dishwasher Basket- The day my friend gave me permission to stop sterilizing, I was so relieved. That being said, you still need a system. You still need a basket to keep all the little bottle parts safe and washed thoroughly. Not an exciting buy, but important!

  1. Acrylic Bins- Keep your bottles organized and classy! I'm always trying to imitate “The Home Edit” so acrylic bins are like, very important. I use one for bottles and one for nipples and tops. I use them to organize his bath stuff, skincare, diapers, and medicines.

  1. Zip-up Onesies- Once your baby starts rolling, game over. Diaper changes officially become an Olympic sport. They flip, roll. It’s literally a two person job. That being said, I am over snaps. I cannot get him to sit still long enough to snap everything. I still do….but it takes way too long. Zip-ups and magnetic clips are the way to go! Makes “middle of the night” diaper changes really easy too.

  1. Red Light Bulbs- Perfect for middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes. Ravi always goes right back to sleep!! Something about the color doesn't wake them up all the way.

Moms! What are your favorite products for this age? Give me all the suggestions!